Let’s Be Homestead Dreamers: A Video Series

Let’s Be Homestead Dreamers: A Video Series

Are you a homestead dreamer? Do you dream of a simple, homestead lifestyle filled with home-cooked meals and a connection to your community, stewardship of the land, and animals? Is your current reality on the opposite end of that because you live in an apartment, townhouse, rental, in the city, or small space? Don’t let that stop you from cultivating homestead skills!

I’m here to help and inspire you ‘just start’ by sharing attainable goals, doable projects, and scaling your micro modern homestead over time. Let’s learn to farm, homestead, can, ferment the harvest from our backyards, containers, or farmers markets, garden, make our own natural products and more in a small space and in your spare time.

Check out the Becoming a Farm Girl video series to watch exactly how we’re going to turn our waiting room into a classroom. You aren’t crazy (or alone) for wanting your farm dream. You don’t (and shouldn’t) wait to start taking actionable steps towards your dream. Let’s become farm girls together. You aren’t alone.

I’ll meet you there,

Cassandra 🙂

Episode 1: Start Your Urban Homestead

Episode 2: Homestead in a Small Space, In Your Spare Time!

Episode 3: Learn Lots… Without Land!

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